Les Naïades 4 stars campsite

            In light of these extraordinary circumstances, all Domaine des Naïades and Homair Vacances teams have been briefed and are continuously monitoring the situation. We will make it a priority to pass on any new information on the destinations where our camping villages are located, Domaine des Naïades included. Staff

Available in the Confort, Classic Plus and Classic ranges from 12/04 to 06/05, from 12/05 to 31/07 and from 01/09 to 04/10. Service + package from €82/week (i.e. 10% saving compared to buying separately).

From 14/06 until 15/07 Domaine des Naiades takes you to Russia ! On a big screen designed to measure exclusively for the stage of the Domaine des Naiades, come to cheer for your favorite team and take advantage of your stay to live completely the feelings of the world cup 2018!