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    The most beautiful beaches in the Bay of Saint Tropez

    From Sainte Maxime to The Rayol Canadel, in the Gulf of St Tropez, we have loads of breathtaking sights and magnificent beaches. There is something for everyone, the wild rocky coastline at l’Escalet, family orientated with life guards at Port Grimaud, Ste Maxime, Cavalaire or even the world famous Pampelonne beach which is in the top 10 most beautiful beaches in France.

    Port Grimaud

    Plage de Port Grimaud
    This is the closest beach to the campsite, Domaine des Naïades (900m). Port Grimaud beach is a big sandy beach that looks straight out into the Gulf of St Tropez. A dream beach for all ages with pedalos, sailing school, jet-ski rental, parasailing and loads of other water based activities. The beach has life guards, a pay and display car-park 300m away and restaurants, bars and ice-creams along the beach. Our free shuttle bus can take you to a spot 350m from the beach during July and August.

    Plage Gros-Pins
    Also not too far from the campsite, you can find this beach by following the coastline with the sea on your left. A greek ‘temple’ makes its mark on this big sandy bay hidden from traffic. The beach has life guards, a small free car-park and a restaurant. Also a well known spot for surfers of the Gulf of St Tropez!

    Plage de Beauvallon
    Just off from the cycle path, this is a pretty little sandy beach. The beach boasts a stunning uninterrupted view of St Tropez and its fortress ‘la citadelle’. The beach has free parking and somewhere to grab a bite to eat.

    Plage des Cigales
    Only 3km away from the Domaine des Naïades this beach is super easy to get to on a bike. It is just off the cycle path that follows the coast. This beach has its very own light house and stunning bridge joining the lighthouse to the beach. This little sandy beach is very popular for its interesting and unique architecture.

    Sainte Maxime

    Plage de la Croisette
    This is a long beach that is protected from the elements because of its position west of Sainte Maxime. The beach is made up of a mixture of sandy parts and pebbly parts, something for everyone! Beach Croisette has life guards, wheelchair access, a car park and somewhere to grab a bite to eat. There are also some private beaches along the same stretch.

    Plage du Centre-Ville
    Right at the centre of Sainte Maxime is the public town beach. The town beach is a beach that is easy to access, practical and has lovely smooth fine sand. The beach has life guards, disabled access, pay and display parking and restaurants and bars.

    Plage de la Madrague
    A beach known for its peacefulness, change in scenery and the gentle slope down to the sea. The beach itself is a mixture of rocks, pebbles and sand, but there are never too many people. There is also a lovely spot just off the beach to go snorkeling. You can find this beach 3km after the centre of Sainte Maxime heading in the direction of Issambres. There is free parking and dogs are allowed all year round.

    Pointe des Sardinaux
    A nature reserve with a difference! This beach and nature reserve is also home to a World War 2 bunker.  At the entrance of the park there is lots of information on the plants and animals that live in this area, but the plants and animals don’t just stop at the nature reserve there is also an amazing diving area so don’t forget your snorkel and mask. In the nature reserve there are plenty of picnic benches and free parking 200m down the road at la Plage de la Nartelle.

    Plage de la Nartelle
    Near to the beach Pointe des Sardinaux , you will find this beautiful long sandy landing beach. There are plenty of activities for everyone including; stand up paddle boarding, pedalos, Jet Ski and tubing. The beach is surveyed by life guards, and has a mixture of private and public areas, disabled access, free parking and bars and restaurants.

    Plage des Eléphants
    The author of the cartoon ‘The travels of Babar’ lives just near this beach hence giving the name the beach of elephants. It’s a long narrow sandy beach that has free parking and restaurant on the beach.

    Plage de la Garonette
    The most easterly beach belonging to Sainte Maxime. La plage de la garonette is a long sandy public beach that it surveyed by life guards and has a car park just next to it. This beach is a fab one for dog lovers as it is open all year round for dogs.

    Gassin et Cogolin


    Plage de La Moune

    This beach is the only real small beach of the town. The beach is protected and partially shaded by the reeds that surround it. There is a sporty and relaxed vibe that comes from the sailing club that uses this beach. There is limited parking.


    Plage des Marines de Cogolin

    Right in the heart of the Gulf of St Tropez, you will find this beach planted with large palm trees and magnificent views out onto St Tropez and Ste Maxime. The beach is surveyed by life guards, has pay a display parking and restaurants and bars.

    Saint Tropez

    Plage de la Ponche
    Found right in the centre of the village of St Tropez, this is actually two neighboring beaches that come together. The beach is lined with fisherman’s houses in the oldest part of St Tropez. It is a beach with large sand and small pebbles.

    Plage des Salins
    A beach for the locals of St Tropez! A family beach which is surveyed by lifeguards, has disabled access and somewhere to grab a bite to eat. During summer parking can be a bit difficult and is not free.

    Plage de la Moutte
    The road leading to this beach takes you right through the vineyards of La Moutte. At the end of this interesting road you find yourself at a small beach with fine sand bordered by reeds that give you shade that will help you to relax. A ten minute walk from the car, but get there early as free parking is limited!

    Plage des Canebiers
    A small beach with plenty of fine sand and a family atmosphere. Just of the shore in the bay there is a floating raft that you can use for diving. There are public showers, lifeguards, disabled access and free parking.

    Plage des Graniers
    Only 500m from the centre of the village St Tropez this cove has a very different feel to town life. The cove has kept is wild and natural feeling with crystal clear water. Make sure you pay attention the beach may have lovely soft sand but under the water is full of little pebbles.

    Plage de la Bouillabaisse
    A beautiful big public beach perfectly situated looking out into the Gulf of St Tropez and up to the Massif des Maures. There are lifeguards, disabled access and limited free parking.


    Plage de l’Escalet
    This beach is not too easy to find but you will soon realise why you made the effort to find it. Situated between Cap Taillat and Cap Camarat you should follow the Avenue de Casabianca and then Avenue d’Escudier before arriving at the car park that is free in low season. All around there are lots of little coves and beaches. Don’t forget your snorkeling mask as there is lots to discover under the water. Dogs are also allowed all year round as long as they are on their lead and lifeguards are present during the summer.

    Cap Camarat
    After following the coastal foot path ‘Sentier du Littoral’ you will arrive at ‘the end of the world’ covered by a dense forest of pine and oak trees gripping onto the rugged rocky landscape that has been sculpted by the elements. Here you will also find one of the tallest lighthouses in France (129.80m). A 15 minute walk away from the light house there is small free car park so parking is limited during high summer. We advise parking in the pay and display car park at the Plage de la Bonne Terrasse which is a 20 minute walk along the coastal foot path. Dogs are also allowed all year round as long as they are on their lead

    Le Rocher-des-Portes
    Opposite Cap Camarat don’t miss ‘l’île aux oiseaux/bird island’. Cormorants and several types of gull that all twirl in complete freedom above the ocean. Remember your binoculars!

    Plage de Bonne-Terrasse
    This beach is a narrow stretch of sand that covers around 150m in the middle of lovely surroundings. There are lots of cute little houses that open right onto the beach and to the right of the beach you will find lots of little coves. Dogs on leads are allowed. This spot is well known by fishermen but also above the beach there is the ex-villa of famous Eddy Barclay. There is somewhere to get some food, however, parking can be difficult.

    Plage de Pampelonne
    A mythical beach and one of the most famous in Europe. The Plage de Pampelonne is the most well known beach on the St Tropez peninsula. Located in the municipality of Ramatuelle, this long sandy beach stretches for nearly 4.5 km, classified 'remarkable natural area'. This beach is divided into five sectors (from north to south): Moulins, Tamaris, Patch, Barraques and Bonne Terrasse. For each sector there is a separate parking just next to the beach that is pay and display during summer. There are lifeguards at the beach aswell as disabled access, just be aware of the several nudist zones along the beach. Dogs on leads allowed all year round.

    Cap Taillat
    The Cap Tailllat is a protected nature reserve which is found just along the coast from Cap Camarat. It is an amazing place with an unforgettable panoramic view. Situated in between the two towns Ramatuelle and Croix Valmer the beach is a link between the Cap Taillat and the mainland. One side of the beach is lovely fie sand and the other side is made up of lots and lots of tiny pebbles. As one of the most beautiful beaches of Ramatuelle the protected status means that it keeps its wild and natural feel even through summer when there is a lot of people around. By continuing in the direction of Croix Valmer you will get to the Plage de la Briande which is as equally naturally stunning and wild. To get to the beach you must walk 30 minutes from the parking at l’Escalet, parking is pay and display.

    La Croix Valmer

    Plage de la Briande
    This is the only beach in this area of the peninsula. The environment is completely protected (except for a few houses near the water’s edge) with a dense scrubland and beautiful umbrella pine trees. The beach is made up of sand and tiny fine pebbles with turquoise water and lots of sunshine all day long. There are nudists on the beach. Walking is the only way to get to this beach; it takes about 35 minutes from l’Esaclet. If you are feeling brave you could walk along the coast from the Plage de Gigaro, this is a walk that is 5.8km and should take you around 3hours, but very worth the effort.

    Cap Lardier
    A cap that is a protected nature reserve with a mind-blowing view and loads of walks for exploring but the sea here is not too good for swimming. There are also magnificent walks all along the coast path ‘Sentier du Littoral’. To get to the beach you can walk from the Plage de Gigaro, it takes about 40 minutes.

    Plage des Brouis
    A beautiful wild bit of land that is only accessible by the coastal path ‘Sentier du Littoral’. The walk is 1.5km and will take you around 25 minutes, just be aware there is lots of steps. There is often nudists on the beach (they are tolerated but do not have official permission).

    Plage de Gigaro
    It is the biggest sandy beach in la Croix Valmer. To get to this beach there is a little rocky coastal path that takes you past lots of little coves. This is a fabulous beach for spending sunny days with your family and even the evening to watch the incredible sunsets. The beach is surveyed by life guards, has disabled access, pay and display parking and somewhere to eat.

    Plage d’Heraclée
    The less known neighboring beach just to the west of the Plage de Gigaro, this is a big sandy beach that is almost half a kilometre long. The beach boasts beautiful white sand and a gentle slope down to the crystal clear water. This is beach is public with certain sections that are private. There are places to eat but parking is a little bit limited.

    Plage de Sylvabelle
    The view of this beach from the coastal path is great and extends right over to Cape Lardier. It is without doubt one of the most beautiful panoramas in the Croix-Valmer. The beach is accessible by stairs down from the coastal path. This beach is a real haven of peace and a pretty place of relaxation and lush greenery. No shade so bring your umbrella and a bottle of water. Pay and display parking.

    Plage du Vergeron
    Access to this beach is hidden and a bit secret, which means a lot less people! It is a small sheltered paradise but there are limited towel places. Here everything is impressive: the view, the area, the flowers, the animals, the water quality, and the landscape. A 25 minute challenging walk from Sylvabelle if you are feeling brave.

    Plage du Débarquement
    This beach is large and full of charm; and was at the centre of the D-Day landings (also called beach of the Customs and D-Day landings). Located in a beautiful bay, there are many private beaches and water activities. Access to the beach is free. There is a small "village" on the beach with bars, restaurants, shops and there are lifeguards, disabled access and pay and display parking.


    Plage de Pardigon
    Plage de Pardigon is the most easterly beach of the seaside resort, Cavalaire. It follows on from the Grande Plage de Cavalaire and the landing beach of La Croix Valmer. Located in a protected nature reserve and belongs to a group that helps conserve the coastline. This beach offers a beautiful width of fine sand with Volleyball courts (free). It is a beach surveyed by lifeguards, has disabled access, free parking and somewhere to eat.

    Plage des Eucalyptus
    It is the first beach going east towards Croix-Valmer that offers a natural environment away from the pollution of the town centre. Away from the road and bordered by some pines, this beach is wider than the beaches in the centre of the town. Several private beaches and a water sports centre with a first aid post. A very nice beach.

    Grand Plage de Cavalaire
    A long sandy beach that has a few private establishments (restaurants and sunbeds) as well as lots of public space on the beach. The water here is crystal clear and surveyed by the lifeguards. There is also disabled access and pay and display parking.

    Plage de Bonporteau
    You will find this beach leaving Cavalaire towards Toulon. It is a beach perfect if you want some peace and calm. At the back of the beach you will find a large pine forest planted with eucalyptus, tamarisk and palm trees, there is also a small cove lined with rocks. The back of the beach is very well preserved and well sheltered from the winds. Some picnic tables are available at the beach entrance that is a 10 minute walk from the road.

    Le Rayol Canadel

    Plage du Rayol
    With just a few steps down to get to the sand this beach is very pleasant with not too many people even in summer. There are several private beaches but the public area is wider if you go to the right hand side. It is an intimate beach with a wild look, there is lifeguards, the lifeguard’s cabin is found in the center of the beach. This beach has disabled access, free parking, and somewhere to get something to eat.

    Plage du Canadel
    One of the most beautiful beaches in the Var region. Separated into two areas by the lifeguard’s cabin, the right side is totally public while the left area is more reserved for private beaches. On the right side, there is a plaque recalling the D-Day landings in 1944. There is an exceptional seabed with high visibility and the beach is well sheltered from the wind. The beach is situated at the foot of wooded hills, facing the Iles d'Or. It is a beach with lifeguards, disabled access, free parking, and some restaurants.